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    Tiramisu Santiago Chile

    With over 1000 reviews on TripAdvisor, 95% of them ranging from “very good” to “excellent”, featuring articles in magazines of all genres and various newspapers, Tiramisú is without a doubt the busiest, most well-known pizza restaurant in Santiago.

    This is purely the result of good service, a very privileged location (in El Golf, the most expensive neighbourhood in the city), fresh fine ingredients that when combined become delicious Italian main dishes, desserts and salads, all at a reasonable price.

    Hot drinks, cocktails and juices are all also flawless, but like everything in this world, not even Tiramisú is 100% perfect. This is definitely not the place for a calm romantic dinner, as it gets so crowded and noisy in the evenings.

    Do not even think about having lunch or dinner here without making a reservation, on any given day of the week. Opening hours are Monday to Sunday 12:15hr to 16:00hr and 19:00hr to 23:30hr.

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