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Selva Viva Santiago

Selva Viva

Selva Viva Santiago could easily be described as an enclosed zoo, which houses a small variety of tropical animals and plants mainly from Asia and Central America. There are 2 different levels within the place, through which groups of 10 to 15 individuals are taken on a guided “exploration”. Since it depicts a tropical forest it feels hot and humid inside (averaging 28oC and 75% of humidity level); it is, therefore, advised to take plenty of water and wear light clothes for the activity. The highlight here is the option that visitors have to touch some of these amazing creatures, including some snakes and iguanas. The waterfalls, the birds singing and the numerous butterflies freely flying around make Selva Viva even more of an inviting recreation for children and adults, who at the end of the 1000 m2 tour are left with a taste of wanting some more.

Selva Viva is situated in Parque Araucano and is easily accessed through Porton A (Gate A) on the Cerro Colorado Street, just across the road from Parque Arauco, the shopping mall.

The ofical website is: http://www.selvaviva.cl/

Kids 3 – 17 CLP8,950
Adults 18 to 59 CLP9,950
Kids under 3 years old enter for free

Opening Hours:
Selva Viva is open every day of the year – with the exception of the first Monday of the each month.
Monday to Friday 09:00hr to 18:00hr
Saturday & Sunday 10:00hr to 19:00hr

Selva Viva is yet another attraction not listed on Google maps, here you´ll find it under “Centro Parque” as seen below.

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If you´ve been to Selva Viva please leave your comments about your experience, it´s very much appreciated.

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