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Kidzania Santiago Chile


Is where kids can build houses, fly aeroplanes, go mining and much more!

In Kidzania Santiago Chile your children don´t have to grow up first to become an engineer, an aeroplane pilot, or a builder among a variety of other choices such as a sushi chef, a beautician, a doctor or, in case they are not quite there yet, they can always go to university to get a degree beforehand. There is really no better way to keep the children entertained whilst being educated during your time in Santiago. Beware, however, of the immense chaotic lines at the entrance particularly at the weekends. What are you going to do while the children are having the time of their lives? Well, there is a nice lounge area for the adults with WiFi, magazines and films (all in Spanish). In case you are concerned about the safety of your child, you both will receive an electronic bracelet with which you can monitor your son or daughter from a distance, the device can be pressed against a screen showing their whereabouts and what they have been up to, also preventing them from leaving the building without their parents. Over protective parents often are upset by this system, sometimes even affirming that they are discouraged to interact with their children.


Address: Although their official website (http://www.kidzania.cl/) displays another address, it is easier to access Kidzania through the Cerro Colorado Street, via Portón A (Gate A) of Parque Araucano, where the attraction is located. There is a car park also easily accessed via the street mentioned above.

The ticket price varies from CLP5,500 to CLP11,500 according to the age of the child and the adult accompanying them.

Opening Hours:
KidZania opens Tuesday to Friday 09:00hr – 14:00hr & 15:00hr – 20:00hr
Saturday & Sunday 11:00hr – 19:00hr.
Please note that opening times do change so please visit website link above to confirm times.

KidZania is not listed on Google maps, instead you´ll find it under “Centro Parque” as seen below.

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