Tuesday , September 25 2018


  • Restaurant Evergreen

    Restaurante Evergreen Santiago Chile

    This is a modest vegetarian restaurant in Santiago Downtown offering over 15 options of naturist food, changing its menu on a daily basis. Due to the self-service style, it is more likely you will stand in line for a while and share your table with strangers at the always busy lunch time hours.

    Founded by a vegan Vietnamese family, Evergreen is a good choice for both non-meat eaters and those willing to try a different cuisine every once in a while. The tofu nuggets, soya mince filled potatoes and burgers proof the point that vegetarian meals are way more than a mound of pale lettuce and tomatoes in a bowl.

    The low prices and good service are also positive aspects of this low profile place. The restaurant is open from 12:30pm to 4pm from Monday to Friday. Restaurant Evergreen is closed during the weekend.

  • Restaurant Evergreen Santiago Chile

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