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Da Dino

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    da dino santiago chile

    If the idea is to have a big meal in an informal establishment, this Chilean restaurant is the right option. Located in Alcantara, just a few steps from Escuela Militar, and also in Santiago Downtown, on the menu you will find the classic national sandwiches, chicken, meat, salad and pizzas all prepared in a very Chilean style, as well as desserts, bread rolls and other pastries.

    Amongst the excessively cheesy, thick crust pizzas, the Bolognese flavour is a very popular order, being the tiramisu the most recommended dessert. As for a decent appetizer, the famous pino empanadas and a quality pisco sour are the right choice to begin the night.

    The satisfactory service is even better if you decide to have an early dinner, as all the locals have their meals from 9 o´clock onwards. Pizza delivery available.

    Opening Times for restaurant Da Dino are: Monday – Saturday 13:00hr – 23:00hr

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