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  • Restaurant Vapiano

    Vapiano Santiago Chile

    Watch passionate chefs prepare your order right in front of you! At the newly arrived Italian Restaurant Vapiano, located in Mall Parque Arauco, you will be surprised with how a little change can bring more fun to your meal out. A bright, modern, tastefully decorated space filled with fresh aromas is just the beginning of this journey.

    Take the Vapiano card, which will be handed to you at the entrance and place it on the computer screen, located on the surface of your chef´s station, where all your orders are going to be registered for you to be billed at the end. Grab a tray and watch your lunch/dinner being assembled step-by-step with fine, fresh ingredients.

    For starter, the only soup on the menu competes with the crunchy mini-salad. The main dish menu includes both innovative and classic preparations such as the exquisite pollo picante (spicy chicken) and the creamy spaghetti carbonara; but, for a perfect three-course-meal head to the bar, where you will find all the hot drinks and tempting desserts, being the dangerously delicious chocolate cake named “death by chocolate” the most popular one.

    Opening hours – from Sunday to Wednesday from 12:00 to 00:00 hours, and from Thursday to Saturday from 12:00 to 01:00 hours.

  • Restaurant Vapiano Santiago Chile

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