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Top 5 Night Clubs in Santiago

Sala Murano Nightclub
Sala Murano Nightclub

Night Clubs in Santiago

Like most Latin American cities, Santiago has an active nightclub scene with a variety of options. From the more high-end clubs at the Vitacura and Las Condes hotels, to the travelling weekly events that cater to students such as “Miercoles Po,” ( there is something for everyone who wants to spend a night out. What visitors can expect across the board are cover charges (more frequently for men) and “piscolas” (Chilean Pisco mixed with coca cola or another soda) being the most popular drinks. The following five nightclubs are all popular and accessible ways to enter Santiago’s nightlife:

El Subterraneo: El Subterraneo is a large venue in the heart of Providencia. Its entrance is located on a large patio of bars and restaurants found on Orrego Luco 46 and Avenida Providencia. The cover charge is at least $5,000 Chilean Pesos (CLP) and the music is largely top forty, hip-hop, and reggaeton, which is very popular in Chile. However, this club features a large stage that has been host to internationally famous performers such as Nas and Fishbone. Nights featuring these arts typically cost at least $15,000 CLP and sell out ahead of time.
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Las Urracas: Las Urracas is one of the most well established nightclubs in Santiago. It is located in Vitacura, at Av. Vitacura 9254. It has distinct lounge, discoteque, and restobar sections. The menu is fantastic and extensive. The discoteque does not open until midnight, so it is not a bad idea to spend a full evening there. Las Urracas is pricey: drinks can cost up to $15,000 CLP each, and the entrance fee is similar.


Maestra Vida: Maestra Vida is a salsa dance club located on Pío Nono 380 in the Bella Vista neighborhood. This area is known as the top neighborhood for nightlife in Santiago, and this club is no exception. Beginning salsa classes are offered every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday at 9:00 PM- complementary with entry. Drinks are economically priced, and the mojitos are especially popular. In addition to salsa music, cumbia and other popular latin dance music is played. Although there are undoubtedly advanced dancers on the floor, it is not an intimidating environment.

Bunker: While Pío Nono street is the heart of Bella Vista, plenty more exciting clubs can be found in the streets surrounding it. One such club is Bunker, located at Bombero Nuñez 159, is in a string of Santiago’s most popular gay clubs. Bunker costs about $8,000 CLP to enter later on at night, although drinks tend to cost more like $3,000 CLP each. Its most popular attraction is a drag show that starts at 2:30 AM late Saturday night. This is a top-notch production with new costumes, stars, and dance routines every week.

Bar Loreto: Bar Loreto is a popular live rock music venue in Bella Vista located at Loreto 435. The main stage and bar features local bands nearly every night, and upstairs there is a lounge and another dance floor featuring a DJ. The entrance fee is approximately $4,000 CLP and drinks are about $3,000 each. This music spot offers a one-of-a-kind music experience and maintains high standards for their performers.

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