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  • One of the best Café Bars in Santiago.

    Tavelli Santiago Chile

    With locations all over Santiago, this is the perfect place for a polite breakfast or an afternoon tea on any weekday, with the short menu offering enough options of toasted sandwiches (with various sorts of bread), omelettes and coffees.

    If you arrive early enough, there is always an offer on the black board combining 3 items for your breakfast at a more convenient price. This will inevitably make you spend a little more on the endless options of muffins, croissants, and other morish pastries together with any of the various hot drinks invariably delicious.

    In case you are after a quiche, do not arrive before midday, only from 12.00 o´clock onwards quiches begin to be served, as well as salads and gourmet burgers. Tavelli is also a very popular destination for artisanal ice creams lovers looking for flavours ranging from the classic vanilla to the equally creamy lactose free options.

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