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Starbucks Santiago

  • Starbucks Santiago Chile

    Starbucks Santiago Chile

    For Starbucks lovers around the globe, do not worry, you can come to Santiago and find many establishments across the city, some considerably busier than others, but hey, who cares? What matters in the end is that you can have your Franpuccino or tazzo chai tea pretty much like the one you are used to having back home.

    As we are in Chile, there is a variety of hot and cold drinks which have adopted the very famous majar, in case you are one of those people who take their sweet tooth quite seriously it is definitely worth giving it a go. But, in case you are looking for a Chilean Starbucks to have lunch or a savoury snack, beware of the very persistent presence of avocado and corn in every other option.

    Also, an important tip for you is, when taking your order at any Starbucks in Santiago, adopt a Latin name, as you will be asked for your name which will be written on the cup and shouted at when the order is ready. The only problem here is that if you have a name difficult for the Chileans to pronounce, your drink may be sitting there forever while they are calling you and you do not even realise.

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