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  • Restaurant Majestic

    Majestic restaurante indiano

    Located in Santiago downtown, this is an India restaurant with a varied, straight-forward menu displaying excellent quality starters, main dishes ranging from very mild to hot -clients are given the option to decide how spicy, from 1 to 5, their sauce will taste – and flavorful desserts.

    With a charming, warm atmosphere this is the perfect venue for a romantic dinner or a meal out to celebrate a special occasion. Customer service is consistently good, for the waiters constantly survey the tables in a very discreet manner.

    A highly recommended dish here is the lamb in almond sauce, although many will say that any lamb dish is the right choice. Restaurant Majestic is open from Monday to Sunday from 12:00hr to 23:00hr

    Restaurant Majestic no longer has an establishment in the shopping center Mall Alto Las Condes. The restaurant’s loyal customers continue to enjoy its rich, exotic Indian curries in Santiago Downtown.

    For more information and to view Majestic´s menu visit their website: www.majestic.cl.

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