Tuesday , September 25 2018

Are you trying to find a hotel in Santiago Chile? Look no further, SantiagoChile.com has written articles on some of the most popular hotels in this area.

Our goal is to offer you an overview of what to expect from each Hotel and their surrounding areas as well as to deliver tips on the nearby location. If you are still uncertain about Las Condes being the vicinity which will best suit your visit to the city, don´t miss our article : Which Santiago area to stay in?

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Hotels at Santiago Airport

Hotels in Farellones

Hotel La Cornisa

Hotel La Cornisa Farellones

Located in the small ski town of Farellones, only 20 minutes from the ski center Valle Nevado, La Cornisa is a cozy, family-run hotel at the heart of the Andes. The hotel opens to the public only in the winter months, from mid June to mid September, and it has been delivering a personalized, unpararrelled service to their customers for the past 25 years.

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