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Hotel La Cornisa

  • Hotel La Cornisa Farellones

    Hotel La Cornisa – Farellones

    Located in the small ski town of Farellones, only 20 minutes from the ski center Valle Nevado, La Cornisa is a cozy, family-run hotel in the heart of the Andes. The hotel opens to the public only in the winter months, from mid June to mid September, and it has been delivering a personalized, unpararrelled service to their customers for the past 25 years.

    The hotel has 10 rooms, each of them displaying a unique design, something that helps customers to find the perfect facilities for their stay. Whether you’re on your honeymoon, a winter holiday with a group of friends or with all the kids, La Cornisa has what seems more like a tailor made room for you. The accommodation includes cable TV, Wi-fi signal, breakfast, dinner and transportation to the ski resorts La Parva and El Colorado. The times for the transfer service are established by the administration.

    Hotel La Cornisa has an inviting view-point on the second floor of the building, where guests can enjoy the breathtaking views of the Andes Mountain range in the morning and afternoon. As for those who do not shy away from the cold, this is also a great spot to sip on a glass of red wine in the evening while stargazing. The hotel´s jacuzzi is also a great way to relax after a full day on the slopes (there is an additional charge for using the jacuzzi), to then continue the evening with a exquisite dinner at the restaurant, one of the most popular features of La Cornisa, according to previous guests.

    Did you know? La Cornisa has an incredible 30% discount offer on ski tickets for El Colorado or La Parva, exclusively to its customers. And don’t forget, the hotel also offers the return trip to those two destinations for you and your family. You won´t have to worry about a thing!

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