Tuesday , September 25 2018


  • Doggis – Chilean Fast Food

    doggis santiago chile

    This is the Mc Donald´s of Chile, a national fast-food chain whose speciality is completos, a hot-dog generously topped with a paste made of mashed avocado and mayonnaise. If you order the Italiano option, you will have to pay a little more for the diced tomato sprinkled on top of the paste. But if you want to blend in, just order a combo; which is a completo, whose size can be as big as 22 cm, (just ask for the big sausage) accompanied by a small portion of fried cheese pasties, an ice cream topped with manjar and a fizzy drink.

    Although this is a fast-food establishment, the line generally moves very slowly, but it is all worth it, as long as you are really hungry and willing to experiment a bit of the local culture. The average price is CLP 4.500 per person. As for the opening hours, no matter what time you crave for sausage, Doggis is always open.

  • Doggis

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