Tuesday , October 16 2018
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Welcome to our shopping category.
You can´t leave Santiago without taking a little something home to remember your trip, whether it´s a lapis lazuli piece of jewellery or a novelty Moai t-shirt.
Here you´ll find articles on high end shops in Distrito de lujo in Parque Arauco to the handicraft village of Centro Artesanal Los Dominico.
Happy shopping!

La Vega Central

La Vega Market Santiago

La Vega Central – Market Santiago If you have the time, stamina, and curiosity, La Vega Central Market is a totally unique experience for your trip to South America. Here you will find extensive arrays of vegetables and fruits grown …

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Costanera Center

costanera center providencia chile

Costanera Center – Santiago No matter where you are in Santiago, if you gaze out across the skyline, there is one building that sticks out above all the rest.  This mammoth, space-age-style structure is the Gran Torre Santiago, and it is …

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